Who is Misses Bond?

A person, who likes to smile and have fun. A person, who is bonded with art and beauty from early young age. Someone, who wanted to be a cosmetician, but her parents said, that she was to clever to become one, so she became a profesor of Slovenian language. Not that she wanted it. She stayed true to her passion and has been bonded with it for almost 20 years. Painting on many beautiful and happy faces, working in luxury cosmetics field in sales, managment, marketing, PR, social media. In this blog, she is combining all her hobbies and passions, so it has to be good. Making her wish come true.

So, while my husband is on a mission, I’m all of that …

The Bonded Team


Something about me? Hmm… let me think… I could write a lot but there’s not enough space, I could write some but I wouldn’t be enough. That is enough 🙂

David Hanč


I like things in order but then again I like them torn and scattered around ..but in a way that doesn’t hurt to look at. It seems like I’m always trying to find some sense of tranquility inside chaos.

Mitja Ličar


My name is Denis..born and raised in Trbowle..I’m so happy i shit RAINBOWS..(see; how i made my sentence richer with so called strong word).

Denis Hauptman

Graphic designer