Beware of Angels …

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After 23 years it’s still one of the best selling perfumes in the world. I remember this perfume since when I was a teenager. Well dressed older ladies were wearing it. I liked it very much, because it was a bit intense and sweet and high-quality. When I put it on, a few days later I could still smell it. And then, the next 20 years it was to heavy for me. But now, 20 years later, I got such an intensive lust and cravings about this scent, that I had to get it and I wear it very often.

''I wanted to have a touch so sensual with this fragrance that you almost want eating the person you love'' - Thierry Mugler

New visual with Georgia May Jagger

The bottle

The story of Angel

ANGEL invites us on a journey into his dream-like and unusual world. Combining tender, sweet childhood memories of his grandma, who he ran into her arms and she smelled of biscuits, with visions of infinite space, this avant-garde creation steeps us in an unknown universe where a woman becomes a fascinating, glamorous and multi-faceted heroine.

Its now iconic star-shaped bottle unites estheticism, perfection and technological prowess. This celestial blue, recalling immensity and cosmic mystery, was an absolute first in perfumery.

It awakens the femme fatale hidden within, transforms her, and creates an exceptional bond between a woman and her fragrance. In the event of addiction, attachment borders on obsession.

''The ANGEL woman is, above all, a bewitching seductress, a triumphant yet surprising woman. She hides her game well, because she is not necessarily the angel we think she is… She is part-angel and part-demon, characterized by a subtle mixture of strength and fragility: sometimes daring, sometimes fragile, but always surprising.''

The fragrance and it's facets

ANGEL was the first gourmand fragrance in perfumery. ANGEL is also an audacious fragrance, as it was created with an “unusual” concentration of patchouli: it borders on excess and leaves one wanting more.

Its berry, praline, vanilla and patchouli notes satisfy the desires for beautiful materials. The mystery that it still incites helped create this legend based on three facets:

Sleeping with Angel

It was launched in 1992.

'ANGEL has become an iconic star that shines over all the world.'

1 Thierry Mugler refill is sold every 7 seconds worldwide!

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