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30 years N. 1 in men's skincare ...

As It was already written in my past post, Biotherm Homme has for the past 30 years, played a pioneering role in men’s skincare trends by offering skincare products, treatment and solutions specifically tailored to men’s skin needs.

Fact about men's skin ageing

Facts are, that men have thicker skin, oilier skin, more delicate skin. Men’s skin has smaller sebaceous glands. As it turns out, men need skincare just as much as women, maybe even more! Also, on one way they are very lucky, because their skin starts to age much later than ours, but drastically. Their skin ageing is more noticeable after 35, 40 years of age. For example, when you see some male actor, after some brake, very often reaction is “OMG this man has really grown old” …he was almost 20 years the same and now he got really old 🙂 So, to make this transition as less painfull, using good skincare products from younger age (made specialy for men) is really good investment.

Youri Zoon, professional kiteboarder

Biotherm Homme Total Recharge

After a big night. Or a short night.
A long day. Or a hard day.
Or any or all of the above.

Biotherm Homme develops the double-duty moisturizer + skin energizer to combat marked signs of fatigue. Total Recharge visibly wakens skin and gives a “4 hours extra sleep” effect. Your skin is looking energized, all day long.

An « energy drink for your skin »: Stimulates and boosts skin properties (PURE GINSENG, VITAMIN C, CAFFEINE and GUARANA). Mint water brings an ice-cold. Wake up effect.

POLYMER CHARGES -NEXT GENERATION POLYMERS bring instant smooth skin. And hide the signs of fatigue.

SPIRULINA ALGAE Helps to improve skin. Structure and endurance to fight fatigue effects.

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On 24th of July I will pick two winners, which will recive 50ml of Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Care, NON-STOP Moisturizer. Woop Woop!

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