Black is White Curaprox review

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Well, black and white are my favorite colors, so are Curaprox toothbrushes. I’m using those like from ever and I also use Sonicare toothbrush at least once a day. My teeth are very important to me, so I take care of them pretty well. From launch of black Curaprox toothbrushes, I’m even more enthusiastic about it, cos’ now they are even in my fav. color. And their lates inovation is black toothpast. When I saw it, I want to have it asap. Usually I don’t use any whitening toothpaste, because my teeth are very sensitive and it irritates my enamel. I was willing to try it, cos I trust Curaprox and I know, that It can’t harm my teeth. So let’s see this black toothpaste!

How it works?

How can an oral health brand make a whitening toothpaste? Swiss brand Curaprox chose activated carbon as the active ingredient for its gentle whitening toothpaste. This ingredient is black. Its activated carbon
removes stains without abrading the enamel or using a chemical bleaching agent. Instead, the activated carbon absorbs stain particles and gently eliminates them. The abrasive effect of toothpastes is lower than in many normal toothpaste, so this paste didn’t irretate my teeth not even a bit.

Added optical effect

The whitening effect of activated carbon is supplemented by optical means: a blue filter reduces yellow discoloration just after you used the paste. This helps to make teeth appear whiter without the use of chemical agents.

Be careful when using whitening toothpastes!

Most whitening toothpastes contain abrasive particles such as chalk, silicates, pumice or bentonite; or they bleach using chemical agents such as peroxide. But bleaching agents change both gums and tooth enamel and also adversely affect the oral mucosa. The danger with abrasive particles is that, in addition to removing discoloration, they also erode the enamel; abrasions are the result: places where only a little enamel is left. Black is white doesen’t contain any of that.


“Black Is White” whitening toothpaste removes stains using:

* activated carbon – without abrasive agents and without bleach.

* 1,450 ppm fluoride.

* Enzymes for caries protection and to support the salivary functions.

* 15,000 ppm sodium hydroxylapaptite (Nano) and Prestige Sparkling Blue® as physical brighteners.

* RDA ~ 50.

* Few essential oils.

* Starphere® as a cooling agent.

! Without SLS. Without triclosan. Without bleaching agents. Without plastic particles! 

Can be used as regular toothpaste without any limitations.

Two different looks and tastes

Available in two different looks and tastes! Black Is White: refreshingly lime-flavoured and White Is Black: extra mild taste. The toothpastes comes with special version of the CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush and can’t be bought seperately for now. Price is about 24,90 € in Slovenia.

My experience

This is deffinitely the best whitening toothpaste I tried. Why? It’s black :D, It doesn’t irritate my teeth, It has super taste and the freshness lasts up to 2 hours, It has whitening effect with blue filter and your teeth looks whiter immediately after use. I can even notice, that my teeth are whiter as befor, and I’m using it now for 3 weeks. It seems to clean all the coloration from coffee, tea and other. The only thing I don’t like is, that I have to clean my sink more often 🙁






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