New answer for dark spots – Clarins

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Nowadays I see more and more women, struggling with dark spots on their faces. Mostly on forehead area, around eyes or above upper lip, looking like they have mustache. It’s caused by hyperpigmentation due to hormonal changes, sun damage or other. Also different dark spots can be caused by acne marks.

Let's start at the beginning - How to use a serum?

Mission Perfection Serum

Dark spot corrector, even skin tone, healthy radiance.

It’s not whitening, it has capability of correcting pigmentation disorders without altering your natural skin tone.

Mission Perfection Serum

Dark spots, dyschromia, shadowy areas, acne marks, a dull complexion, redness… The pioneering serum capable of correcting pigmentation disorders without altering your natural skin tone. Unique dark spot correcting expertise resulting from a combination of plants and science.
Acerola extract
A Clarins discovery, this powerful plant extract has the capacity to block the “wrong” messages which lead to pigmentation disorders.
This leading dark spot correcting ingredient helps reduce the formation of dark spots at their source.
Exceptional skin-illuminating expertise
At the heart of the skin
A ginkgo biloba extract helps to restore luminosity.
On the skin surface
Gentle fruit acids reduce the look of pigmentation marks and smooth skin texture, to optimize the reflection of light. Skin-perfecting pigments instantly illuminate and even the complexion.

Recommended price: 65€

Flawless skin? Mission accomplished!

Clarins - No. 1 skincare brand in Europe

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