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Testing it out

Nice colored nails really means a lot to me. I have a tough luck, because my nails are very bad. They peel, break and just aren’t nice and healthy. I tried all sorts of treatments, oils, serums, creams, base coats …you name it. I was wearing gel for many years and later permanent laque, because the regular one just wouldn’t stay on my nails more than a day. Despite this, Chanel vernis was one of the best for my nails. When I didn’t have the permanent one, I was using their base, color and top coat. They are really the trendsetters in nail colors. I have huge collection. Two weeks ago I was at Dior presentation of summer novelties, and trainer Judi showed me some new nail colors, and as usual I wasn’t interested, because the old nail vernis wasn’t good for my nails. She said, that this is totally different story, that I have to try it, it will be the best nail vernis, that I ever had. I heard that so many times before, but when I saw her nails, they looked like she had some gel on it, but she said, that she is wearing just this new nail vernis. Ok, she caught my attention. She gave me one vernis as a present for me to try. When I tried it the next day, I couldn’t belive my eyes. It has really that gel effect, totaly different from all other nail vernis I tried before, that glass shine and when I applied it on my nails in thick two layers (I always make thick layers, because I’m not good at applying them thin) I thought, that It would never dry. It was totaly dry in a record time! And at the end, It lasted for 1 week! This is definitely the best noveltie from Dior. I have to try also some other colors. This one, that I got, is absolutely amazing.

New Summer 2015 colors

First Gel-Effect Couture nail polishes by Dior

Edgy colours, extreme shine and ultimate wear… The new Dior Vernis coat nails in pure colour with a gel finish… The perfection of a nail polish that glides on in an instant… and truly lasts!

Professional applicator

Smooth and Shiny as glass ...

Shine. The intensely pure “Gel Coat” join forces with a Techno Polymer derived from laminated glass technology to transform each coat of lacquer into a film that is as smooth and shiny as glass.

Professional brush for a maximum GEL-EFFECT

A formula capable of a salon-worthy result deserves a professional applicator. This is why Dior has reinvented its Dior Vernis brush for a maximised gel effect. The new brush is more flexible and perceptively longer with a rounded and flat shape. It takes the perfect dose of nail lacquer for a flawless and even application, guaranteeing impeccable results, even for beginners.

Extreme long-lasting wear

Hold. Enriched with organic silicon, the formula strengthens the nail surface for optimised grip, while the adherence properties of the Techno-Polymer create an invisible fusion between the lacquer and the nail. For truly long-lasting wear.

80% natural

For excessive Colour addiction: the beneficial action of a nail-perfecting care formula composed of 80% ingredients of natural origin free of phthalates, toluene, formaldehyde and synthetic camphor.

80% natural

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