How to wear dark lipstick

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A week ago I got an inspiration with black lipstick, when I was writing about Chanel’s new Rouge Noir look 2015. I got many questions about how to wear black or very dark lipstic and not looking like a gothick chic. Actually It can look very glamorous, elegant and chic, but you really need to be carefull about some facts …

Good to know before you wear dark lips

It’s all about the whole styling and the event that you are attending. You just can’t wear black lipstick to go out for a coffee or saturday evening tea. What you need to be careful about is:

1. Pick the right clothes, accessories, hairstyle, nail color (black, dark red, dark plum are great) – black lipstick is about your whole look!

2. It looks good if your lips are full and not chapped – If not, rather skip it.

3. I use very dark red or dark plum lip liner, just to give a hint of pigment to black.

4. Your skin has to be nice, smoothe, fresh, looking perfect when you apply your foundation.

5. On cheeks you apply gentle fresh blusher in coral or pink tone, avoid brown tones.

6. On your eyes wear less! I used just white pencil for my water line, beige eyeshadow, black eyeliner and a mascara

7. Make your eyebrows nice and defined.

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How to behave with black lips

When you made a perfect look with black lipstick, there’s also some rulles to follow after:

1. take your lip liner and lipstick with you

2. check the situation on your lips more times than usual

3. Black or very dark lipstick can make your teeth look more yellow, so take photos with your mouth closed.

4. If you know, that you will be on event for longer time and that you will eat and drink a lot, maybe this color is not good option to choose.

That’s it …is it complicated? Naahhh 🙂

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