My first Love, Decleor.

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I can truly say, that Decleor was my love at first sight, touch, smell. And I’m still madly in love. That’s the brand, that has ability  to change my mood, relaxes me, puts me in a good mood, invigorates me and mostly calms me down. Yes, that’s the power of essential oils and nourishing oils that are 100 % natural and main component of Decleor.


My Decleor LOVE Story …

It was in high school. I think in first grade, year khm 1995 I guess. Ou my, in this moment I realised, this is my longest relationship. 21 years and I’m still in love as the first day. So, that is possible 🙂 So, out of curiositiy I headed to beauty salon for a facial. That was my first time and I was curious.  I didn’t have any problems with my skin. I adored creams since I was 5 or 6 and my mom took me with her to her friend Zdenka Kahne, who was than learning cosmetician skills on her. I loved her for that.

And there it was …Decleor. I was totally taken over by its aroma.

Besides the aroma I was also thrilled about combining oils and creams, known as Decleor duo-concept. Oils are 100% natural, so are night balms, which has the consistency similar to butter. I like rich and oily textures and I adore the scent of this aromatic products.

Using Decleor is like a SPA moment, a treat for your Body, Mind and Soul.

Since than, (the age of 15) my every euro went for buying this products. I rather had this creams than be outside, partying with my friends 🙂 I think I was the best client at lokal parfumerie at that time and the youngest also 🙂

That was the start of a very long relationship. Rarely it happens that is not on my shelf.  At least in winter it’s a MUST. I heat the oil between my palms, take some deep breath and than apply it to my face. After this I use cream and I’m ready to sleep as a baby. All this years I’m loyal to Aromessence Neroli – it’s the best seller, Night balm Neroli and Hydrafloral cream, which was renovated and has three new textures that I’m very enthusiastic about.

NEW Hydra Floral range …

with one word, It’s just amazing! The textures are crazy. One cream has a texture of water and is nourishing as a cream for mixed and dry skin, can you belive that? The other one that I love is gel-cream that has oils incapsulated and your skin is soft as a butter after use and very hydrated. The whole NEW Hydrafloral range has moranga inside, that is used for cleansing, detoxifying and fight agains free radicals. In my next posts, I will write about this range, which I find truly perfect. So follow me on my FACEBOOK Misses Bond , Instagram Misses Bond , Snapchat @missesbond, and others 🙂

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