Laibach Organic Handmade Soap #schwitzaus

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Yes, soap. From Laibach. It’s  trendy, elegant, edgy and arty. It’s up to date with beauty trends, which are all about organic and handmade. If you possess those characteristics or some of them, this soap shouldn’t be missing in your bathroom shelf. #fact.

She's got the look & soul

Laibach’s Organic Clean Day All Purpose Soap Bar can be used for hands, body and soul. This big bar is pressed three times to make a rich and creamy soap. A relaxing fragrance for tired and stressed-out souls calms the nerves and soothes the body. Perfect for beginning or ending your life. All you do is lather, rinse and go. Made with natural essential oils.Wrapped in post-industrial and post-consumer recycled paper.


Sodium Cocoate, Sunflowerate and Olivate, Glycerin, Aqua, Prunus Dulcius Oil, Seed of Nigela Sativa.

Additional Ingredients: Laibach S3 (Saliva, Sweat and Sperm). Very funny 😀


Misses Bond & Laibach

I’m huge fan of Laibach. I love their music and everything what they do. For me, they are the biggest level of Art, there is. We also come from the same town, Trbovlje. They agreed, that I make my Bond Art collage for their soap. I was so nervous, I made 3 collages, and neither one was good enough  for me. When I sent them all 3 of them, because I couldn’t decide wich one, they confirmed all three, but the black one was their fav. 🙂 …So, here it is.

My pre-shower kit
Bond Art, april 2015

Laibach & Misses Bond Giveaway #WashWithMe

Laibach & Misses Bond will give 3 Soaps to 3 lucky winners!

Laibach & Misses Bond Giveaway

+ Rule N.1

Go to my Facebook page Misses Bond and LIKE IT!

+ Rule N.2

In my pictures find BOND ART with Laibach soap on it (with lady in a hot tub) and leave a comment: #bondart #laibach #WashWithMe

+ Rule N.3

Change your profile picture into IT and write under description of your new profile picture

That's IT! Good Luck.


Promocijska igra se začne s 13. 4. 2015 in bo potekala do 20. 4. 2015, do 24:00. Žrebanje prejemnika darila bo 21. 4. 2015. V promociji lahko sodelujejo vsi, ki bodo pravilno izpolnili vse pogoje v navodilih. Nagrajenec mora v roku 24 ur od objave sporočiti svoj naslov v INBOX strani Misses Bond. V kolikor tega ne stori, ni upravičen do darila. Darila ni mogoče zamenjati za denar ali za drug proizvod. (You can participate in this giveaway till 20.4.2015, 24:00 pm. I’ll pick the winners on 21.4. 2015. The winners must write me their adresses in Inbox of Misses Bond FB site in 24 hours from pronouncing the winners. The price can not be exchanged for money.


  • Posted April 2, 2015


    Super Tinaaa!

  • Posted April 14, 2015

    Kerry Burnout

    That is actually my bathroom! [I wish]

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