It’s Miss actualy …Miss Dior

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In 1947, Christian Dior created Miss Dior, his first fragrance. He wanted to surprise women and bring back their smiles. He drew inspiration from Catherine, his beloved younger sister. She had returned from the bleakest days of war, and yet chose to be a young woman full of life and desire. She was a paradigm of energy and light-heartedness. Miss Dior inherited her love of liberty. An adventurous heroine, governed by the passion in her heart.

The founding legend. So Miss, so Dior.

The new campaign is up to re-promote the fragrance Miss Dior, which was interpreted and updated from original by the Nose François Demachy from years 2005 – 2012.
Available in different variations

The Flacon

“Excised as a jacket”, Miss Dior bottle is truly unique. It’s Haute Couture elegence is legendary and shows the timeless elements of Dior style. Ribbon surrounding the bottleneck is a tribute to designers passion for bows. Pepita pattern engraved on its side and bottom of the bottle is also a tribute to Dior love to sample acquired from a masculine style. It identifies the sophistication and natural style. Miss Dior seductive and daring embodies the elegance of Parisian women.
Miss Dior flacon

The Composition

A FLORAL AND SENSUAL HEART. A fragrance that is easy to love, instantly charming. Its floral heart makes the powerful Jasmine shine, and bursts with the floral sensuality of a plump Rose. Patchouli brings mischievous seduction, maintaining this rebellious charm.
Jasmin, plump Rose, Patchouli

Miss Dior bathline range

 A refined & modern bath line to curl up in a subtle satin envelop. Refined longlasting perfume Sensorial Beautifying formulas enriched with active ingredients, such as Silk proteins and Nasturtium extract. 
Miss Dior, Bathline range

!NEW! Miss Dior Hair mist

 Sensual trail / Long-lasting perfume. Formulas enriched with active ingredients. Protection & embellishment. Touch of light & freshen up hair. NO TEXTURE FEEL, ONLY SENSORIAL EXPERIENCE. It’s perfect for ones, which are allergic to wearing perfumes on skin, clothes. 
NEW PRODUCT! Miss Dior Hair Mist
The New Dior modern heroin, Natalie Portman

Miss Dior, the NEW film. Watch now!

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