Perfume Body Lotions – My addiction

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I’m 100% sure, that you already saw on shelf, besides perfumes, some complementary products as body lotions, shower gels, deodorants, soaps etc. And I’m also sure, that you thought, that buying this is waste of money, that you rather pay a little more and buy Eau The parfume …That was also my point of view, until I tryed some of this products. I have to say, that I find this products much more likeable as the perfumes itself.

Perfume Body Lotion, Chanel Allure Sensuelle
I just adore this perfume body lotions …I apply it on my upper body: arms, neck and decollete, and I don’t waste it on my legs or back. And this products have the same amount of essence as Eau the Toilette or some even as Eau the Parfum but are MUCH CHEAPER! Your skin smells seductive, as well as your lingerie and clothes, the scent lasts the whole day.
Some of my Perfume body products
I think it’s obvious, which one is my favourite brand in this segment- ‘Guilty as charged’ 🙂 …and very important information; If you are allergic to alcohol or you don’t want to put it on your skin, than this products are also the answer and you would be amased by duration of this perfume effect. I think that once you try It, you are commited to it 🙂

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